Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor Rainbow Rehabilitation Guest Speaker

Ross Medical in Ann Arbor Invites Rainbow Rehabilitation Speaker to Campus

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Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor Rainbow Rehabilitation Guest SpeakerDuring school spirit week, the Ross Medical Education Center Ann Arbor, Michigan campus invited a very special guest speaker for a visit. Danyell Solomon, Director of Recruiting for Rainbow Rehabilitation, came out to the campus to discuss professionalism and job opportunities with the students. Danyell stated that Rainbow Rehab has a strong presence in the community. Their company is built on the principles of integrity, excellence and a commitment to making a difference in the quality of life for each of our clients and staff.

Rainbow provides quality care and therapeutic rehabilitation services for individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. They know that individuals achieve their highest potential of recovery when they receive the right care throughout the entire rehabilitation process. In order to ensure that, they offer a broad range of brain and spinal cord injury recovery and rehabilitation services including: medical, physical, cognitive, occupational, psychosocial, behavioral, vocational, educational, and recreational.

The students were excited to hear that they would not need experience to qualify for some of their positions. Mrs. Solomon reiterated that students are expected to show professional behavior with or in front of patients, members of the healthcare team, and others in the professional environment, whether it is a school, hospital, clinic, or office, including members of the faculty and administration, other students, standardized patients, and staff. Campus Director Patrice Ross also reiterated the importance of being professional in the workplace and was thankful that the speaker gave great examples of the do’s and don’ts of professionalism.

Everyone that was present for the visit was very encouraged and interested in learning more from their knowledgeable speaker. Career Services Student Support Representative Byron Ruffin was glad that the speaker touched on the fact that working for their company would allow students to build their resume and used those transferable skills as a Medical Assistant. Rhianon Pitchford, a current student in the Ann Arbor Medical Assistant program, shared. “I was excited to learn that simply taking care of my family actually includes skills that I can use in the healthcare field.”