Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Chemo Goodie Bags

Ross Medical Bowling Green Makes Goodie Bags for Chemotherapy Patients

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Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Chemo Goodie BagsAs a healthcare training institution, all of those at Ross Medical Education Center are very interested in supporting both health research and technology as well as the people that are impacted daily by any number of complications and diseases. At Ross in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the staff, faculty, and students wanted to put some action to their desire to help. They decided to do that by showing some support and love for those currently battling this horrible disease as well as raising some awareness.

Oftentimes those that have been diagnosed with cancer choose to undergo chemotherapy. Although chemotherapy can extend or even save the lives of those with cancer, it also may have a variety of unpleasant and even downright terrible side effects. According to, some of the most common side effects include: fatigue, pain, headaches, stomachaches, mouth and throat sores, vomiting, hair loss, appetite loss, nervous system damage, and more. Unsurprisingly, this may increase the stress and fear of someone that has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Many of those at the Bowling Green campus have experienced the terrifying and painful effects of cancer firsthand. Whether they personally had survived, or they have friends or family that have gone through cancer, it hit very close to home for each person. They also recognized that they would likely come across patients that were battling cancer as they move into their healthcare careers.

Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Chemo Goodie BagsThe students wanted to do something for cancer awareness and make the patients a day little brighter. To do this, they hosted a drive on the campus and collected items to use to make chemotherapy goodie bags for patients. These chemotherapy bags included snacks, lotion, water, hard candies, gum, books, games, pens, and a scarf. Samantha B, a current student in the Bowling Green Medical Assistant program, had the opportunity to help deliver the goodie bags to the patients. She enjoyed the experience saying, “the best part of it was seeing the patients smile and handing them the goodie bags.” Her classmate, Medical Assistant student Marie F, agreed, “I could tell they really loved our gifts and were so happy.”

The bags were donated to patients at Graves Gilbert Clinic. According to their website, they opened in 1941 as the first multi-specialty practice, and the clinic continued to grow to hold almost half of the city’s doctors. Now there are over 100 doctors that continue to strive to serve the people of Bowling Green and the surrounding area. The campus already has plans to partner with this great facility again in the future!