Ross Medical Education Center Davison Brownstown Animal Shelter

Ross Medical in Davison Hosts Drive for Brownstown Animal Shelter

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Ross Medical Education Center Davison Brownstown Animal ShelterAlthough helping neighbors in your community should never be neglected, sometimes it’s the furry neighbors that really need help. During the month of June, the students, faculty, and staff at Ross Medical Education Center in Davison, Michigan partnered with Brownstown Animal Shelter by conducting a drive and donating goods. Brownstown Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter. A no-kill shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety. The organization’s’ mission is “Finding every homeless animal a home.”

In addition to acting as a shelter to animals in need, Brownstown Animal Shelter also works hard to educate people in their community on the importance of spaying and neutering. Spaying and neutering pets keeps the number of unwanted animals in the community low. They also strive to find homes for stray animals with loving families looking for a pet, using their Brownstown Animal Shelter Facebook page and to connect animals with their forever families.

During the drive, everyone on campus that wanted to contribute was asked to buy or donate any kind of dog toy, dog bowl, blankets, food, or treat. Admissions Representative Darcy Smith shared about the event, “I was in awe after seeing all the love and support that our students showed. In a few days we already had a big box filled!” Many staff and faculty members as well as students contributed to the cause, bringing in a variety of items to donate.

The Brownstown Animal Shelter will be having another garage sale on September 23rd. If you are in the area, feel free to volunteer. They are always looking for eager people to help with their efforts. You can reach them by phone (734) 675-4008 or email