Ross Medical Education Center Davison Wellness Fair

Ross Medical in Davison Joins 5th Annual Davison Wellness Fair

michaelajoy Campus Events, Davison, Michigan

Ross Medical Education Center Davison Wellness FairThis March, the Davison, Michigan campus of Ross Medical Education Center participated once again with the Davison Wellness Fair hosted by the Davison Development Authority. It is an annual event of which the entire campus looks forward to being a part. Ross was one of many local business and organizations that displayed a booth to teach others in the community about medical or health related topics. This event, held once a year in March, is typically well attended by people of all ages throughout the community. In its fifth consecutive year, the event continues to grow and become more well known and increases its attendance annually.

Ross Medical Education Center Davison Wellness FairIn addition to staff and faculty members, four Ross Davison students also volunteered this year to assist in representing the Ross campus at the wellness fair. Throughout the event as a whole, there were plenty of things for children and families to do, such as a play area and remote control cars to drive. Of course the superheroes were there in keeping with this year’s theme. A photo booth was available for anyone who wanted pictures with a visiting superhero. Representatives of the various community organizations and businesses were encouraged to dress as superheroes to join the theme.

At the fair, attendees were invited to visit each booth, learn what each organization had to offer, and take information or novelty items with them from the booths. Ross Medical Education Center Davison gave out toothbrushes, chapstick, pens, and notepads. Campus Director Frank Skinner said, “I was especially proud to hear so many attendees stop by our booth and comment that they knew someone that attended Ross and would gladly recommend the school. This is the fourth year Ross has participated in this wellness fair and we look forward to doing this next year.” The campus again had a great time being a part of this important community event.