Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Visits Childcare Center

Ross Medical Dental Assistant Students Visit Local Rainbow Childcare Center

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Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Visits Childcare CenterStudents in the Dental Assistant program at Ross often look forward to their opportunity to visit local schools and childcare centers to teach the children there about good dental hygiene. Recently, students from the Ross Medical Education Center Lansing, Michigan campus had their chance to visit an area school to work with the young students and demonstrate some important dental health practices. They decided to plan their visit as a field trip to local Rainbow Childcare Center.

The morning Dental Assistant class planned and prepared in the time leading up to the exciting visit. They were thrilled for the opportunity to pass on some of their knowledge to the next generation in hope that it will stick with them as they continue to grow up. Once the day finally arrived, the Ross students were excited and a little nervous to finally put all their hard work and training into practice!

They arrived at Rainbow Childcare Center and were greeted by a pre-Kindergarten class of children that seemed to be just as excited as they were for the visit! Each child participated in the activities that the Ross students had put together as they were shown how to properly care for their teeth and gums.

During their time at the school, the Dental Assistant students read books, played games, and helped the children to create their very own tooth puppets. The children were taught many things during the presentation. First, they counted their teeth and were told that they should have around 20 of them. Then, they were instructed on how to properly brush and floss their teeth to keep their mouths healthy!

The children loved all of the hands on activities and projects. They were also very eager to learn which immediately helped to calm some of the nerves of the Ross students. “Seeing the children smile and laugh reminds me of how much I love what I do,” shared Ashley Wilson, morning Dental Assistant Instructor. Ross in Lansing takes great pride in working hard to benefit their community, and the staff and faculty are already looking forward to returning to the school next year to check on those healthy smiles!