Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Dr Cly Guest Speaker

Ross Medical in Fort Wayne Invites Dr. Cly to Campus

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Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Dr Cly Guest SpeakerAlthough instructors in the Ross programs are experienced in their field and have worked in a variety of healthcare settings, having guest speakers come to the campus is a great change of pace. This opportunity also allows students to hear from a different practice and perspective and gives them a more robust picture of what their future career options may look like. This spring, students from the Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne, Indiana campus in the evening Medical Assistant class were excited to welcome a guest speaker from Parkview Physicians Group.

Their speaker, Dr. Geoffrey Cly, is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology who has been practicing medicine for 21 years in the Fort Wayne area. Since the Medical Assistant students are in module 5, which includes the study of obstetrics and gynecology, this was a perfect time to have Dr. Cly speak to the class. He spoke to them about general anatomy & physiology of the female reproductive system along with topics such as the hormones involved in menstruation and the process of pregnancy. He also covered some of the changes in technology that now allow a doctor to perform a hysterectomy using a robot with minimal incisions – a much less invasive approach for the patient.

The students were very engaged with Dr. Cly and asked a lot of relevant questions. This was the first time the doctor had been at Ross, and after speaking he expressed that he “was very impressed with the students and would love to have the Medical Assistant students as externs!” The students and staff felt the same. “Dr. Cly was very personable and helpful in answering our questions,” shared Medical Assistant student Heather Cox. “He is obviously concerned with women’s health. You can tell by the way he communicates that he cares about his patients and not just about the money.” The Ross Fort Wayne campus looks forward to working with Dr. Cly more in the future.