Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Visits North East Indiana Urology Clinic

Ross Medical Fort Wayne Medical Assistant Students Visit NE Indiana Urology Clinic

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Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Visits North East Indiana Urology ClinicRecently, students in the Medical Assistant class at Ross Medical Education Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana got the chance to go on a field trip to NE Indiana Urology Clinic. The Urology Clinic treats men and women for a wide variety of issues such as urinary incontinence, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy, and cancers such as bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular.

During their time at the facility, the students were able to tour of the entire clinic and ask a variety of questions that came up. Then they also had a chance to talk to the medical assistants who work there. Many of their questions were regarding what all the medical assistants were responsible for on a daily basis at the clinic. The medical assistants and other healthcare professionals that worked there were more than happy to share about their experiences and offer advice from the field.

The clinic uses state of the art technology and the students were introduced to the advanced robotic equipment used on site. This urology clinic has externship opportunities available in the Fort Wayne area, and many of the students expressed an interest after seeing the medical assistants in action working at the clinic.

At the end of their time, Ross Medical Assistant student Lamesha Norton-Carter said, “this was the best field trip ever! I enjoyed seeing the medical assistants in the actual field doing everything I am learning in class. This field trip made me feel very secure and appreciative that I choose this career field. I am hoping that I can do my externship at NE Indiana Urology someday.” Assistant Campus Director of Education arranged the field trip for the class, “I strongly believe in exposing students to the outside community during their education here at Ross. There are many specialties out there that students may not think about because they haven’t been exposed to them.” After this experience, the students are already looking forward to the next guest speaker or field trip.