Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Kates Kart Drive

Ross Medical Fort Wayne Supports Kate’s Kart

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Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Kates Kart DriveThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana has once again joined efforts with local organization Kate’s Kart. As they have done in the past, the staff, faculty, and students came together to collect and donate books for children that are hospitalized. By the end of the drive, they were able to give nearly 200 new books to this wonderful community organization.

The little girl known as “Baby Kate” was Katherine Anne Layman. She was born June 26, 2006 and departed January 15, 2008. Kate’s Kart is now contributing to the cause of helping other families with infants and children like Baby Kate. Almost immediately after she came into this world, Baby Kate was diagnosed with congenital heart and pulmonary defects. After withstanding many medical procedures, which included four open heart surgeries, Baby Kate passed away while in her mother’s arms. She was only 18 months old.

Ross Medical Education Center Fort Wayne Kates Kart DriveAlthough they hope that no family has to go through what they have been through, Baby Kate’s family decided to help other parents who are in the midst of going through similar experiences through encouragement and inspiration. One of the activities that Kate loved doing was looking at books. She especially loved it when someone would read to her. This image and memory of their little girl inspired Kate’s family to give away new books to children at local hospitals. As soon as the word spread, other volunteers and other hospitals expressed their urgency to support Kate’s Kart, Inc.

All of the efforts of her family and the surrounding healthcare community opened up the door for the establishment of Kate’s Kart, Inc. It is now a non-profit organization with over 100 volunteers. The number of books given away is approximately 2,000 each month, totaling over 100,000 as of May 2015. Kate’s Kart now accommodates 16 medical centers in Northeast Indiana.

If you are interested in learning more about Kate’s Kart or how you can help, visit the Kate’s Kart Facebook page or their website at