Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids North JDRF Walk

Ross Medical in Grand Rapids Joins Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk

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Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids North JDRF WalkThis September, students, staff, and faculty members from the Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids North, Michigan campus attended their second annual walk to cure diabetes. This annual event is an integral one in supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This organization is very important personally to several of the Ross staff members and students. However, they are not the only ones impacted. According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s website, at least 38 children in United States get diagnosed with this chronic disease every day.

Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids North JDRF WalkAt this point, there is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes, and the only treatment for right now for those that are diagnosed is to take regular insulin injections. This means that they are dependent on insulin in order to survive. Children with Type 1 Diabetes do not have option of taking a pill, they have to poke their little fingers to check their sugar levels in blood and then by injection or pump administer insulin, sometimes children get up to 20 injections per day.

Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids North JDRF Walk“As a campus with loved ones who are affected by this condition,” shared Amira Curic, Campus Director, “we feel that supporting this great organization is a must, to bring awareness to find cure for this disease and to educate our students who are training for medical field on how to help children and families with this disease.” In a powerful show of support, this year more than 20 students, staff members, faculty members attended this walk. On top of their participation, the campus also donated over $300 towards this great cause. Donations were made by staff and faculty members, and for each student who walked with the campus that day, the Campus Director gave towards the final donation. “We hope in future more campuses will join in helping this great cause, JDRF organizes walks in all West Michigan on separate days,” said Campus Director Amira Curic.