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Ross Medical in Bowling Green Hears from First Steps

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Ross Medical Education Center Bowling Green Lifeskills First Steps ProgramsThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Bowling Green, Kentucky recently enjoyed a brief visit from Latoya Drake, a representative from Life Skills First Steps. Students in both the Medical Assistant class and the Pharmacy Technician class were in the midst of celebrating their Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician Student Appreciation Weeks. So, they both got the pleasure of hearing from Latoya about different services and programs offered by Life Skills First Steps.

Life Skills First Steps is an early intervention system created to help children develop. First Steps serves children from birth to three who have a developmental delay or a particular medical condition that is known to cause a developmental delay. Early intervention means providing services and support to families to enhance children’s growth and development as early in their lives as possible.

Latoya shared about the importance of early intervention. She talked about children between the ages of birth and three years old and how some children have trouble developing certain skills. She discussed some of the services that are available for those children including nutrition, audiology services, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. She provided students with a pamphlet of things children should be able to do at each age and developmental stage.

Two students and one of the teachers in the class expressed how they have used First Steps before and how it has helped their child to develop. One student shared about a hearing problem that her child had and was so appreciative that First Steps had taught her child sign language. She knew that if it was not for the First Steps program, her child may not have spoken any words at all. Not only did the students learn about this program for their own children and families, but it is also important to know of local resources when dealing with patients as a healthcare professional.

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