ross medical education center bowling green thanksgiving feast

Ross Medical in Bowling Green Hosts Thanksgiving Drive

michaelajoy Bowling Green, Campus Events, Kentucky

ross medical education center bowling green thanksgiving feastThanksgiving is, as the name suggests, a time to come together and reflect on those things for which we’re thankful. Many families and friends will spend the day, or even multiple days, eating delicious food and desserts, enjoying each other’s company, and maybe even doing some fun Christmas shopping. It’s a relaxing and fulfilling time for many. However, for those that lack the resources to enjoy food, fun, and activities of the holiday season, it can be a painful, lonely, and overwhelming time.

ross medical education center bowling green thanksgiving feastKnowing that many of the things they’re thankful for are things that other people may lack, the students, staff, and faculty at the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Bowling Green, Kentucky decided to host a drive to help others this holiday season. Their goal was to try to gather donations for this year’s annual local Thanksgiving feast. They worked tirelessly collecting items that could be used to help serve a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

ross medical education center bowling green thanksgiving feastBy the end of their drive, they were able to donate a large variety of non-food items. Many of these were things that are less thought of but still essential items like plastic spoons, forks, knives, dish detergent, Lysol wipes, trash bags, paper towel, wax paper, and aluminum foil. They knew that they needed many of each item because this is no ordinary Thanksgiving dinner. Last year the dinner served 2,404 residents, and this year they served 2,367 people!

In addition to those that made it out to the Thanksgiving feast, they also delivered meals to those members of the community that could not get out of the house. Anyone and everyone was welcome to come and eat and enjoy one another’s company. Ross loved being a part of the festivities, and Campus Director Sonya Furrow even volunteered to pitch in and help package and deliver orders.