Ross Medical Education Center Charleston Omnicare Long Term Care Pharmacy

Ross Medical in Charleston Visits Omnicare Pharmacy

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Ross Medical Education Center Charleston Omnicare Long Term Care PharmacyOne of the highlights of being a student is getting to see the real world that you are in training to prepare for. Recently, the students in the Pharmacy Technician program at Ross Medical Education Center’s Charleston, West Virginia campus got to do just that. Their class was able to take a tour of Omnicare Long Term Care Pharmacy and see some of the behind the scenes of this unique pharmacy experience.

Their visit was made a little more special by getting to talk with one of their own during this exciting tour. Certified Pharmacy Technician Tim Clemons, a former Ross Pharmacy Technician student and graduate, was there to greet the current Ross students and show them around. Tim was hired by Omnicare immediately after he finished his externship experience with Ross. He is now in charge of all Omnicare medication returns.

Tim enjoyed showing the students where the medication orders come into the facility to be input and billed. Additionally, he showed them non-sterile and sterile compounding areas, the automatic tablet packager (ATP) machine, heat sealers for blister packing, the narcotics cage, and receiving areas. He shared about how his training at Ross and his experience during externship played key roles in preparing him for the real world and his current role. The students were inspired by Tim’s success and excited for what their own futures may look like after completing their training and externship at Ross.

Current Pharmacy Technician program student Chad Arthur said, “Tim did a great job with the tour. He was very knowledgeable. I would love to extern at Omnicare and possibly work there if an opening were available.” Vierra Holland, another student, echoed Chad’s thoughts, “I would definitely consider working at Omnicare.” The Pharmacy Technician class enjoyed their tour, and were thrilled to gain a firsthand experience of what it may be like to work after graduating from Ross.