Ross Medical Education Center Davison National Kidney Foundation Visit

Ross Medical in Davison Enjoys Learning About Kidney Health

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Ross Medical Education Center Davison National Kidney Foundation VisitAs the seasons change and the weather warms up, many people begin to start being motivated to exercise. We all know how important exercise can be for our health, but as future healthcare professionals, it’s important for Ross students to really understand the variety of benefits to nearly every system and organ in your body! During the late spring, the staff, students, and faculty from Ross Medical Education Center in Davison, Michigan received a very exciting opportunity to find out just how important exercise is when it comes to taking care of your kidneys.

Kidney health is important because it so dramatically affects the other organs and systems in the body if the kidneys are unhealthy. Your kidneys work hard to filter and remove waste from your body and help maintain blood pressure. Oftentimes, kidney problems are difficult to identify until they begin to cause major issues. Ross students and staff are set on helping to educate themselves and others on the importance of exercise on kidney health both now and in the future.

To help drive home the importance of good kidney health, several presenters from the National Kidney Foundation made their second annual visit to our Davison campus! They were excited for the opportunity to educate the students on kidney disease, nutrition, and fitness with an interesting and interactive presentation.

Ross Medical Education Center Davison National Kidney Foundation VisitEvery student was thrilled to be a part and the faculty members participated right along with their students in the fun and laughter of the fitness portion of the presentation. Some of the workouts shown to students not only informed them about the importance of daily exercise, but also educated them on how any and all types of movement have a significant impact. This was demonstrated by allowing students to complete the exercise from a seated position in a chair or standing and moving around. It was a great opportunity for the students to have a chance to have a lot of fun and learn valuable information as well.

The Ross Davison students, staff, and faculty would like to thank the National Kidney Foundation guest speakers, Esther Nichols, Dwayne Clemens, and Sonyita Clemens, for taking the time to schedule a full day with each of the classes on the campus. Thanks to your hard work, every student on campus had the opportunity to be fully engaged in their education!