ross medical education center davison joins sharks after dark event

Ross Medical in Davison Joins Sharks After Dark Event

michaelajoy Campus Events, Davison, Michigan

ross medical education center davison joins sharks after dark eventHave you ever wanted to experience an environment like the one in a movie while watching it? How about a movie with bloodthirsty sharks while you’re floating happily in an inner tube? Well, on Saturday, September 3rd, the Davison community did just that! The Ross Medical Education Center Davison, Michigan campus was thrilled to be involved in the first ever “Sharks After Dark” event.

The exciting event took place over Labor Day weekend. It was sponsored by a local group of radio stations in conjunction with Davison Parks and Recreation. Roughly one thousand individuals, groups, and families came together to spend an evening on the beach at Lake Callis having some shark related fun.

Throughout the event, there was the possibility of different activities being hosted for all ages. However, the obvious highlight of the evening was a projection of the 1975 classic Jaws being shown on the sandy shore at dusk. Some stayed on or near the beach, but the most courageous were in the water, feet dangling into the unknown. The greatest test of courage was to keep your feet submerged calmly during the attack scenes.

It was a perfect opportunity to interact with the community, and everyone was in high spirits thanks to the holiday weekend and uniqueness of the event. Ross Davison’s Financial Aid Student Support Representative, Felicia Morearty, offered her time to run a booth during the fun evening. She was kept quite busy by a constant stream of local participants. It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with many people. She was also excited to share more about the wonderful possibilities that the campus in Davison is able to offer.

One of the most exciting parts of the night for Ross and those looking into their programs was the success stories that were heard and shared. There were at least three Ross graduates present at the event, thrilled to join in on the fun and tell about their great experiences at Ross. These former students were thrilled to see their school represented at such a neat event, and they gladly shared just how much Ross had impacted their lives. The Davison campus is proud to be a part of their community, and believe that it’s always a privilege to share more about Ross.