Ross Medical Education Center Dayton Has Air Force Visitor

Ross Medical in Dayton Gets Air Force Visit

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Ross Medical Education Center Dayton Has Air Force VisitorSome of the things that we are most proud of at Ross Medical Education Center is our students that work very hard and our staff and instructors that encourage those students to become well-rounded healthcare professionals that are prepared for the workforce. At Ross, we know that this preparation does not only take place within the walls of the classroom or lab or even during the externship experience. A big part of what sets a Ross student apart is the community involvement and volunteer experience that each campus works hard to establish in their communities.

Recently, the staff, faculty, and students at our Ross campus in Dayton, Ohio got to experience firsthand the positive impact of community involvement. The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is one of the greatest influences on the Dayton community, so Ross staff and faculty worked to get their externship students a chance to experience some of what they are about. During their seminar, students on externship had the unique opportunity to meet Sergeant Vincent Majors. Sergeant Majors shared a little bit about the the role of the Air Force in the community. He also spent time outlining some of the opportunities the Air Force could provide Ross graduates.

Sergeant Majors shared with students that the Air Force is currently in need of Medical Technicians. He then informed students that a Medical Technician is the Air Force equivalent of a Medical Assistant with some specialized training. These Medical Technicians would most likely be trained to be a part of an aerial team, and he welcomed any Ross graduates in the Medical Assistant program to join the Air Force reserve. As part of the Air Force, Ross Medical Assistant graduates could receive additional training, health benefits, and financial support to continue their education. Due to all of these benefits, the Air Force provides a unique hiring opportunity for graduates in the Dayton area.

Those students that were a part of the seminar were very engaged and several of them even requested more information about their opportunities. Sergeant Majors shared that, in the future he would like to arrange a field trip for externship students so that they would be able to see the aircraft that they would possibly be able to work on. The interest was also high because, as the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is such a major Dayton-area employer, many of the Dayton students are military spouses or even veterans. All of the Ross students in attendance were excited to learn about professional and philanthropic opportunities in the Air Force.