Ross Medical Education Center Dayton Families of Addicts Speaker

Ross Medical in Dayton Invites Founder of Local Organization to Campus

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Ross Medical Education Center Dayton Families of Addicts SpeakerOne of the most impactful and memorable days in class for a student at Ross Medical Education Center is one with a guest speaker and their personal story. It is and how they have worked to better themselves and their community. A guest speaker with a powerful message that recently visited the Ross campus in Dayton, Ohio is Lori Erion from the local organization Families of Addicts.

Families of Addicts is a non-profit organization Lori started in October of 2013 with the effects and reality of drug addiction hit very close to home. The mission of Families of Addicts is to embrace families, friends, and individuals that are struggling with addiction and its impact on both the addict and those close to him or her. They also are passionate about promoting recovery, support, and advocacy. They organize events and programs to help eliminate the stigma surrounding addiction and to help make sure that recovery and treatment support is available to those that need it.

Lori started Families of Addicts as a tiny movement in a local church basement when her daughter started using heroin. During that time, she was desperate for help and support and not sure where to turn. She realized that she wasn’t alone but that there wasn’t the support that she needed readily available. Thinking of all of the other people in her community that were hurting and scared as they experienced the same thing, she knew it was up to her to do something about it. Her organization was then started as part of the solution for addicts and their families and friends.

During her time at the campus, Lori shared with the staff, faculty, and students about her personal experience. She also discussed with them about how the reality of addiction and the support needed could affect them in their chosen fields. Many students asked questions about her experiences as well as shared about their own experiences with loved ones that were battling addiction.

To learn more, visit the Families of Addicts Facebook page or their website at