Ross Medical in Evansville Hosts Drives During Holiday Season

michaelajoy Campus Events, Evansville, Indiana

Ross Medical Education Center EvansvilleFor the second year in a row, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Evansville, Indiana partnered with Lodge Elementary during the Thanksgiving season. They wanted to do something to help local children and their families during the holidays. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table, so the campus decided to host a food drive. Collecting throughout the month, they had a great deal of participation and collected over 100 non-perishable food items.

The campus made this event a competition between programs. So, whichever program brought in the most items received a pizza party at the end of the drive. The evening Medical Assistant program won and enjoyed their pizza, especially knowing that they helped others during the Thanksgiving season. The staff and faculty at Lodge Elementary was appreciative of the campus’ efforts to involve their students and help to show them the importance of banding together to help their community! Go team Evansville!

Later, throughout the month of December, the Evansville campus hosted another drive to collect clothes, new toys, and infant essentials for a local organization, Borrowed Hearts. Borrowed Hearts is an organization that provides clothing and essentials to families who are fostering children of all ages. During the entire month of December, staff, faculty, and students donated many items as well as purchasing new essentials such as highchairs, diapers, and toys. The campus was thrilled to have nearly all of their staff and a good number of their student population participate in this drive.

Thanks to all the staff, faculty, and students and their participation during the drive, the campus donated an entire SUV full of items! The staff from the Borrowed Hearts organization was very appreciative and expressed their thanks when representatives from the campus personally delivered the donations. They were very proud of the amount donated and know that many families found their efforts beneficial, especially around Christmas!