Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Rescue Mission

Ross Medical in Evansville Serves at Evansville Rescue Mission

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Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Rescue MissionAlthough many would say that we should daily be engaging in random acts of kindness towards our friends, neighbors, and family members, having an entire day devoted to them is a powerful thing. Each year, February 17th is National Random Act of Kindness Day. This day gives each of us the excuse to go out of our way to commit a random act of kindness to someone in our path or sphere of influence. Just think, if every person were to do their part on that day and every day, we could change the world!

Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Rescue MissionThe Ross Medical Education Center campus in Evansville, Indiana was thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate this day by serving those less fortunate than them in their community. Throughout the day, students, staff, and faculty planned to be a little more aware and mindful of the needs around them. However, they also decided to come up with a plan to make a big difference by serving the local Evansville Rescue Mission.

According to their website, the Evansville Rescue Mission is the “Tri-State area’s oldest (since 1917) and largest ministry of its kind. The Evansville Rescue Mission is a non-denominational, Christian social service organization reaching out to those often overlooked in society—the homeless (men over 18), troubled teenagers, disadvantaged youth, and impoverished families, living at or below the federal poverty line.” The facility that Ross students’ volunteered at is the men’s shelter; however, they also provide meals to anyone in need including women and children.

Ross Medical Education Center Evansville Rescue MissionTo do some random acts of kindness, Ross Assistant Campus Director of Education Nicki Eckert took a group of 10 students from the Evansville Medical Assistant class. They were able to not only help on the service line by dishing out the food, but they were also able to actually serve the food to the patrons as though they were in a fancy restaurant. The men, women, and children simply had to walk in and sit down. It was obvious that many were not accustomed to being served, and the act brought smiles to their faces. Nicki said, “while we were there to perform a kind act to pure strangers, I believe the students and I received an even greater gift. It made each of us feel good to be able to bring smiles to the faces of others. It was very humbling.” Overall it was a day that the staff and students, and hopefully the patrons at the mission, will not soon forget.