Ross Medical Education Center Evansville PAAWS Donations

Ross Medical in Evansville Supports PAAWS to Help Local Animals

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Ross Medical Education Center Evansville PAAWS DonationsAnimals hold a very special place in the heart of many people. Whether they are wild animals or household pets, it’s easy to find many people that are passionate about protecting and caring for them. This is especially true of the students at Ross Medical Education Center in Evansville, Indiana. To put action to their love for animals, the campus came together to make a difference in their community.

Throughout the month of June, Evansville students, staff, and faculty teamed up to help local organization, Proving Animals Are Worth Saving (PAAWS). PAAWS is the leading no-kill animal rescue organization in the tri-state area. This unique nonprofit pet adoption and pet rescue does not have a building or any salaries. Instead, it is run completely by volunteers with all resources going straight to the animals. Volunteers foster rescue animals in their own homes to provide a loving atmosphere for the animals until they find their forever homes. From dog beds to cat food, over 40 items were donated!

Evansville’s Assistant Campus Director of Education, Nicki Eckert, has a deep love for animals. With six cats and three dogs, Nicki and her husband have a true passion for saving animals and giving them a forever home. When asked why she chose to go with PAAWS, she said, “I chose PAAWS because to some people these beautiful creatures are “just animals,” and are not always thought of when it comes to charitable contributions. To me, they are so much more than that. These furry kids provide love, companionship, and therapy to people suffering with depression, PTSD, diabetes, and loss of vision just to name a few. PAAWS is a no kill shelter that also shares this vision which is evident in their motto: “Proving Animals Are Worth Saving.”

Because the organization is completely run by volunteers, many of them need support and materials as they take the animals into their homes. The campus wanted to help support these people that are constantly caring for these pets. Throughout June, they held a drive to collect needed items. From dog beds to cat food, the donations came pouring in. By the end of the drive, more than 40 items were donated and distributed to the households currently fostering animals.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or donating to this amazing organization, please visit the PAAWS Facebook page or their website at