Ross Medical Education Center Flint Valentines Cards for Ashlynn Faber

Ross Medical in Flint Makes Valentines for Ashlynn Faber

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Ross Medical Education Center Flint Valentines Cards for Ashlynn FaberOver the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Flint, Michigan spent time planning a way to brighten the day of one very deserving young girl. Ashlynn Faber will be receiving Valentine’s Day cards and greetings from staff, faculty, and students at the Ross campus as she continues her struggle with cancer. Their hope is that their cards may bring a smile to her face and let her know that there are people that care about her and are hoping for her recovery.

In March of 2015, four year old Ashlynn Faber of Flushing, Michigan was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma. Shortly after, in April, Ashlynn had to undergo a 16 hour surgery. Her surgery was then followed by a tough fight through months of chemo, radiation, and physical therapy. Finally, after all of this, Ashlynn was pronounced cancer free!

Ross Medical Education Center Flint Valentines Cards for Ashlynn FaberHowever, in January of this year, while Ashlynn was back in Tennessee for what was supposed to be a routine checkup, her family received devastating news. A scan performed at that appointment showed a 5mm mass in her heart which doctors are calling a medulloblastoma that has metastasized. After this news, Ashlynn’s parents have some extremely tough and terrifying decisions to make about her treatment and care.

Knowing that there are painful and scary things all around, the Ross Flint campus is working to make Ashlynn’s Valentine’s Day a bright one! The evening Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration class kicked off the “Valentines for Ashlynn” drive by creating a mobile doll house. It folds up into a carrying case that she can take with her. Since the case can carry more than just cards, crayons, markers, and other fun and creative items were added. Not to be outdone, the evening Medical Assistant class, led by faculty members Lorraine Cox and Micki Jeffery, made Valentines and more for the Valentines for Ashlynn drive. “We want to make Valentine’s Day a special one for Ashlynn Faber who is battling a recurrence of cancer,” shared Julie Leibold, Campus Director.

To learn more about Ashlynn Faber, her family, and how you can help, visit the Ashlynn Faber “Our Fighter” Facebook page.