Ross Medical Education Center Granger Guest Speaker

Ross Medical in Granger Welcomes St. Joseph Health Department Speakers

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Ross Medical Education Center Granger Guest SpeakerAlthough the instructors at Ross Medical Education Center in Granger, Indiana are experienced in their field and passionate about healthcare, having a different face and voice from the field come to visit the classroom can be an exciting experience for students. That’s why Robert Jankowski, Lead Instructor in the Granger Pharmacy Technician program, invited Robin and Elizabeth from the St. Joseph County Health Department to visit his class. In fact, they not only took time from their busy schedules to speak with the Pharmacy Technician class, they invited the Medical Insurance Billing Office Administration class into the presentation as well. While at the campus, they discussed how vaccination benefits outweigh the risks of natural infection.

Pharmacy Technician program Instructor Robert Jankowski was thrilled for this visit to his class and the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration class. He knew that these healthcare professionals would be able to share a wealth of knowledge with the students regarding the importance and safety of vaccines. Vaccinations are always a hot topic, and they are very commonly misunderstood or poorly explained. Mr. Jankowski knows that Ross students may be on the front lines for patients and families in the field. Therefore. it is very important that they are well informed and confident in their knowledge of vaccinations.

“I arranged for the guest speaker to speak on vaccinations and immunizations because vaccines and immunizations have become a big part of the pharmacy business in general and a basic knowledge of them is essential,” shared Lead Pharmacy Technician Instructor, Robert Jankowski, CPhT, MBA. “It is also valuable to all programs and the general public. Robin Vida is the Director of Health Education for St. Joseph County Indiana Public Health Service. I have had a professional relationship with Mrs. Vida for several years, and she has spoken to my classes on various occasions when I have asked. This was a very informational discussion and the students learned a great deal from the guest speakers!”