Ross Medical Education Center Johnson City Tooth Fairy

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Ross Medical Education Center Johnson City Tooth FairyRoss Medical Education Center in Johnson City, Tennessee recently had the pleasure of accompanying the tooth fairy to visit a local elementary school. The students and faculty in the Dental Assistant program were able to visit with the students at Fairmont Elementary School in Johnson City. Throughout their visit, they emphasized dental hygiene through song and dance. They also led the students in an activity in which they colored a dentist as well as in various other coloring activities. In addition to these Dental Assistant student led activities, the Tooth Fairy also shared a story with the students. The elementary students enjoyed their gifts from the campus of an Angry Bird travel toothbrush and toothpaste pouches. Each student was also given a handmade tooth saver bag with their name on it to put their teeth in when the Tooth Fairy comes to visit.

Ross Medical Education Center Johnson City Christmas Coloring DriveIn addition to the tooth fairy and Dental Assistant student visit, the campus participated in October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the ways that they did this was through having a “PInk Day” at the campus. This helped to bring community awareness to different types of breast cancer. During this month, students and their families also worked hard to help raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation by purchasing breast cancer awareness t-shirts as a fundraiser.

Moving forward into this holiday season, students, faculty, and staff wanted to continue benefiting their local community. This winter, they decided to do this through collecting various items for children that are visiting family or friends or are patients in the hospital over the holidays. Some of the items that they collected were activity books, crayons, and stickers. All of the fun activities were delivered to the local Johnson City Niswonger Children’s Hospital prior to Christmas Eve. They hope that this makes the holidays a little brighter for these children and their families.