ross medical education center kokomo celebrates veterans day with army specialist speaker

Ross Medical in Kokomo Invites Army Specialist Speaker for Veterans Day

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ross medical education center kokomo celebrates veterans day with army specialist speakerThis year, in honor of Veterans Day, the Ross Medical Education Center Kokomo, Indiana campus had the pleasure of inviting a current member of the United States Army to speak to their staff, faculty, and students. They were thrilled to again have U.S. Army Specialist Anthony Walton as their guest speaker again for the second year in a row.

Army Specialist Walton’s message was a powerful and inspiring one. He shared about how he survived his last tour of duty in Afghanistan after being hit with 37 rounds. His impactful message to the Ross students that hung on his every word was to “never give up no matter what lies in front you.” He spent time encouraging each and every student to forge ahead and to never allow obstacles to stop them. He reminded them that “success is just beyond what we can see for the moment.”

His message was strong and well received by all of the students, faculty, and staff at the Kokomo Ross campus. After speaking about this experiences, he took the time to answer questions from students, faculty, and staff. “It was apparent to anyone listening that our students sympathized and responded to his stories and his well-directed advice,” shared Meredith Dittfield, Financial Aid Student Services Representative. Many others at the campus shared similar sentiments, deeply appreciating Army Specialist Walton’s commitment to the country and to never giving up.

One famous Veterans Day quote by Elmer Davis states, “This Nation will remain the land of the Free only so long as it is the Home of the Brave.” Everyone at the Kokomo campus would like to express their gratitude and thanks for the sacrifice and service of all military personnel and their families. Meredith concluded about the event and Veterans Day, “we should never forget that the highest appreciation is not to simply speak the words but live them.”