Ross Medical Education Center Lansing EVEs House Guest Speaker

Ross Medical in Lansing Invites EVE’s House to Campus

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Ross Medical Education Center Lansing EVEs House Guest SpeakerIn an ongoing effort to spread awareness of the many services available to Greater Lansing residents who suffer from domestic abuse, Ross Medical Education Center of Lansing, Michigan periodically hosts a presentation delivered by a representative of EVE’s House. This summer, Leah Dryer addressed Ross’ Lansing staff, faculty, and students regarding the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which began in 1977 and was originally known as the Council Against Domestic Assault. According to their website, “In recent years, CADA changed their name to EVE (End Violent Encounters) to reflect EVE’s comprehensive services to survivors… In 2015, EVE included counseling and advocacy services for survivors of sexual violence.”

The site further states, “EVE offers a variety of services that focus on creating pathways to safety and give survivors opportunities to heal.” Additionally, EVE makes sure to let people know that their services are free and confidential. One of the greatest tools of empowerment provided by EVE is an advocacy team. Their advocates are trained to assist clients with a wide variety of needs and areas of support while they are in the program. In fact, they have departments of the advocacy team that are specifically to assist residents of the shelter, non-residents but clients of EVE, anyone over the age of 50, and the families in shelter. Client support services and the support from the advocacy team are provided for both residents of the shelter and those who are not residents. One anonymous former client of EVE shared: “The strength I got from working with my advocate, counselor and going to groups gave me the confidence to go forward on my own knowing I can do it and deserve better from my partner.”

Ross’ Lansing students listened attentively as they learned about EVE, a community program that will be a major asset to them as they embark on their careers in the healthcare field. Allison Yount, a student in the morning Medical Assistant program, had this to say regarding the presentation: “When EVE’s House came to speak to our class, I was enlightened with information about how to spot and stop abusive behaviors, as well as support those who are currently suffering from abuse. I personally related to the information they provided and felt peace in knowing that no one needs to suffer from abusive experiences alone. They’re a great community resource and anyone who has felt like they want to reach out to EVE’s House absolutely should.”

Following the presentation, Ms. Dryer answered any questions raised by students and handed out flyers. She was grateful for the opportunity to address students who will soon be working with the public, knowing they can now take what they have learned and join forces with those in the community who are working every day to “End Violent Encounters.” As Spokeswoman for EVE’s House, Leah Dryer added: “It’s important to know that domestic and sexual violence affects all of us. So I thank Ross for inviting me out to spread awareness.”

If you or anyone you know suffers from any form of abuse, please reach out to EVE’s House to learn more about the comprehensive services they offer to start affecting positive change today. You can contact EVE’s 24-hour Crisis Line at 517-372-5572. Or, visit for more information.