Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Movers for Meals

Ross Medical in Lansing Joins Movers for Meals this Holiday Season

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Ross Medical Education Center Lansing Movers for MealsRoss Medical Education Center’s Lansing, Michigan campus was once again pleased to accept an invitation from Two Men and a Truck to collect food for their Movers for Meals Food Drive throughout the month of November. The annual food drive accepts non-perishable food items for the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Once there, they are distributed to many local community members in need. In fact, according to the organization’s recent mail brochure, 7,144,649 meals were provided throughout the local community in 2017.

In the same mailing, the Executive Director of the Greater Lansing Food Bank, Joe Wald, shared a comment that he and his staff frequently hear: “The economy is booming. The stock market continues to increase. Unemployment is at an all-time low. But I hear that more and more people are at risk for going hungry. How is that possible? I just don’t get it.” He explained, “While many are doing well financially, far too many of our friends and neighbors seem to have been left behind as the recovery took place after the Great Recession. Every day we meet people who have done everything right: paying their bills on time, not taking on unnecessary debt, and not buying things they don’t need. Nearly 50% of the people we serve have jobs, are educated, have insurance, but are not making enough to pay all their bills. They have had to use their savings for living expenses for themselves and their families. All it takes is for one unexpected event – a broken down car, an illness, an unexpected repair for the house – and the family is thrown into a crisis. More and more, this is the client we serve.” He added, “the good news is that we are seeing fewer and fewer people who need our support long-term. Rather, we are serving individuals and families who need our help until they are back on their feet financially, often four to six months. We have seen our volunteers and even some of our donors who have found themselves needing to turn to us for temporary help. But that is exactly what we are here for. To help those in need and at risk for going hungry.”

The Ross Lansing campus staff and students were eager to support those in need this holiday season. Day after day their donations of canned goods, boxed cereal, condiments, and even Kool-Aid grew. By the last week of November, the campus had filled three huge collection boxes which were then picked up by employees of Two Men and a Truck and delivered to the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

A Ross Medical Assistant program student, Alexis Zapata, shared: “If you have extra non-perishable goods in your cupboard or want to buy some, Movers for Meals is a great drive to donate to. The purpose of this program is to give back to the community during the holiday season. Around 42 million Americans struggle with hunger, so it’s very important to help when we can, especially right now during the holiday season. Our donations help take the stress off food and turn people’s focus on enjoying the holidays with their family.”

Ross Medical Education Center of Lansing is proud of its compassionate staff and students, who came together to make the holidays brighter for others in the community. If you need assistance, or to learn how you can contribute to the Greater Lansing Food Bank, please visit their website at or call 517.853.7800. You too can help make a big impact on your community.