Ross Medical Education Center Niles Ohio Someplace Safe Drive

Ross Medical in Niles Collects Supplies for Domestic Violence Survivors

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Ross Medical Education Center Niles Ohio Someplace Safe DriveThe staff, faculty, and students at Ross Medical Education Center in Niles, Ohio know that we all want to do what is best for ourselves and for our family. Sometimes that means going back to school to further your education and improve your career options. Other times it means getting out of a dangerous situation or relationship. Though leaving a relationship may sound easier than going back to school, that is not always the case. For far too many individuals and families, the pain and fear of domestic violence and abuse is very real and is often overlooked.

Throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, the Niles campus collected items for local organization Someplace Safe. Facing trials and abuse with courage is something that we all would hope to be able to do if faced with a situation that needed it. So often those that need courage most are those that have been beaten down and made to lack it. However, for those that are able to stand up and find a way out, Someplace Safe provides a place for people doing just that.

Someplace Safe seeks to reduce and prevent domestic violence and improve the quality of life for survivors of domestic violence and abuse. They provide advocacy, education, supportive services, emergency 24-hour crisis intervention, and shelter in order to aid families. Ross students, staff, and faculty were all excited to take part in donating items for this agency. Things we use daily are often forgotten by victims when they are trying to leave in a hurry. Some of the items collected by the campus were food, toiletries, stuffed animals, baby food, paper towels, and much more. “Sometimes you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have,” shared Tracy Semmer, Niles Assistant Campus Director of Education. “If donating these items will keep facilities like this going, we will continue to help support this agency.”

To learn more about Someplace Safe and the support and services they offer, visit the Someplace Safe Facebook page or their website at