Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Elected Officials

Ross Medical in Ontario Invites Elected Officials to Campus to Speak on Professionalism

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Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Elected OfficialsAt every Ross location and in each program, professionalism is a major focus for students. That’s why the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Ontario, Ohio spends time discussing the elements of a professional in a healthcare organization. Heather Fox, Ontario Career Services Career Development Representative, wanted her students introduced to their local elected officials so that both sides could discuss the importance of the healthcare field and professionalism in the workplace.

In order to bring home the message, Heather invited them to speak about the topic of professionalism from their point of view and what they do in elected office. “We had five elected officials in attendance including State Representative Mark Romanchuk, Ontario Mayor Randy Hutchinson, Ontario City Councilman Mark Weidemyre, Richland County Commissioner Tony Vero and Richland County Commissioner Marilyn John,” said Heather. “In this day and age where social media plays a huge part in our lives, I felt it was important for our students to hear from professionals in the community.”

Each speaker took the time to explain professionalism in their own words. One of the main points they focused on was that no matter where you are or what you are doing you are always being watched and scrutinized. They also made sure to drive the point home that what is put on social media could have a negative effect on you or your reputation.

“One photo or post could ruin a chance for employment if the employer should see it,” Heather explained the message of the officials. “As elected officials they are always being watched and have to always put professionalism first. When they are out to dinner at a restaurant with their family they may not even have an alcoholic beverage for fear that they may be criticized by the people of the community.” The goal was for the students to understand how important professionalism is and how it can impact their future in the medical field. Students were engaged and asked great questions to the speakers who all seemed very impressed and encouraged by the students in attendance.