Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro Graduate Forum

Ross Medical in Owensboro Celebrates Graduate Accomplishments

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Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro Graduate ForumThis March, the Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro, Kentucky campus hosted a Glad Grad Forum. This exciting new event was spearheaded by Assistant Campus Director of Education Shafawna Fox-Baker, Assistant Campus Director of Admissions Allyson Sanders, and the Career Services team. This Glad Grad Forum featured two Medical Assistant program graduates, two Dental Assistant program graduates, and two Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program graduates who are currently employed in their field.

These graduates came to offer our current students advice on what employers are looking for in their respective fields. Graduate April Bowlds kicked off the Forum. She told the current students to value the education they are receiving from Ross. Her advice to our current students was to always take initiative during their externship experience and within the workplace. April is happily employed in the Medical Billing and Coding field and has had the privilege of working from home.

Another graduate, Jennifer Koehane, shared her experience of being hired by her externship site. She is currently working full-time and gave our students pointers on what current employers are looking for in the workplace. Medical Assistant program graduate Tammy Hawes gave advice on paying attention in class because, “at some point you will utilize every skill you have learned.” Tammy was hired by her externship site which was a reputable hospital.

Another Medical Assistant graduate, Brittany Weaver, shared about how much she learned from her time at her externship site and is currently employed full time in her field. Dental Assistant graduate Amber Likens shared with everyone how she proved to her externship site that she was a hard worker and that’s why they wanted to hire her and did. She is currently a full time Dental Assistant at a local office in Owensboro. Dental Assistant Stacy Hamilton also gave great advice to the students. She told them when they go to their externship site, “if the employer asks them if they can come in earlier or stay later, take the initiative to do so.” Stacy was hired in a dental office just two days after she graduated.