Ross Medical Education Center Port Huron Curves Club Speaker

Ross Medical in Port Huron Gets Visit from Curves Club

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Ross Medical Education Center Port Huron Curves Club SpeakerIn February, the Ross Medical Education Center Port Huron, Michigan campus welcomed Sara Thomas from the local Curves Club to speak to students in the Medical Assistant program and Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program about nutrition and health. Sara has been with Curves for 16 years and serves her location as a Complete Curves Coach who is certified through the Cleveland Clinic. Sara explained that increasing metabolism is the key to fat loss and that engaging in strength training will assist in this. She continued to explain that a combination of exercise and diet will aid in gaining muscle and losing fat.

Sara spoke about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while working in the healthcare field and offered tips to students to help them achieve this goal. She suggested making simple changes and focusing on other tasks besides eating. Sara recommended brushing your teeth to prevent the urge to snack, using smaller plates to curb overeating, and avoiding eating mindlessly in front of the television. Sara also said a person should never go more than four hours without eating either a meal or a snack.

Sara also shared the exercise services that Curves offers to the community, personalized training at her Curves location, as well as weekly Zumba classes. The Curves workout utilizes hydraulic resistant equipment to maximize strength training and increase metabolism. The Curves training also includes a meal plan and weekly weigh-ins to help members meet their weight loss goals.

The students were very excited to have Sara visit the campus and share about healthy opportunities. They also had many health-related questions to ask. Many students commented that they would be joining Sara for a Zumba session in the future! With over 4,000 locations, there is likely a Curves Club near you! Visit their website to find one at