ross medical education center portage helps teddy bear posse

Ross Medical in Portage Contributes to the Teddy Bear Posse for Local Children

michaelajoy Campus Events, Michigan, Portage

ross medical education center portage helps teddy bear posseThis fall, while many were getting ready to head back to school, buying school supplies, filling backpacks, and getting back to that early bedtime, the Ross Medical Education Center Portage, Michigan campus was hard at work. The staff, faculty, and students in Portage worked together to host a teddy bear drive during the month of September. They brought in all shapes, sizes, and colors of lovable furry friends to contribute to the local Teddy Bear Posse. By the end of the drive, the campus had collected 101 stuffed animals in all!

The Teddy Bear Posse is a program coordinated by Midwest Communications and local business that provides stuffed animals to local police and emergency services. Their goal may be simple, but their impact is huge. The small gesture of a teddy bear to hold allows first responders in the local Police Department and Fire Department to provide comfort to children while out on a call. The area sponsors had a total of 50 drop off locations available locally. The Ross donation was collected at the campus and then delivered to two local drop off points.

Everyone at the campus was thrilled to be a part of a such a heartwarming cause. Many people expressed their excitement and hope that their teddy bear would bring a smile or some comfort to a child undergoing a traumatic experience. Career Services Student Support Representative Nikki Martini shared, “This drive is different than what we’ve done in the past, and we are excited to support this cause. Bringing in one stuffed animal each doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the positive impact can make all the difference for a child in a difficult situation.” This event was unique and the campus is looking forward to other opportunities to partner with Teddy Bear Posse and other organizations like it that make a big difference for children in need of comfort.