Ross Medical Education Center Portage Socks From Santa

Ross Medical in Portage Donates Socks From Santa

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Ross Medical Education Center Portage Socks From SantaDuring the month of November, Ross Medical Education Center in Portage, Michigan hosted a community service project called Socks from Santa. This event was inspired, organized, and led by Melinda Seeger, Instructor in the Portage Pharmacy Technician program. When asked why she chose this event, her answer was quite simple.

Melinda shared that she regularly heads into nearby downtown Kalamazoo, and each time she drives into downtown area, she always passes by and notices the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. Oftentimes as she drives by, she said that she sees people standing around outside with no coats, wearing very light clothing, shoes that are nearly unwearable, and many times without socks. Seeing that scene day after day made her decide that she wanted to help out those in need, especially with the colder temperatures approaching as the Christmas holiday neared.

After bringing this cause to her campus, Melinda was overwhelmed by the response and excitement. Students, staff, and faculty brought in socks to donate to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. Throughout the drive, the campus was able to collect a box full of socks as well as a variety of other articles of clothing to donate to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission to help those that use their services.

The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission is a shelter that cares for homeless single women, women with children and families in the women’s shelter. They can also accommodate over 150 homeless men. In addition, they sponsor Rescued Treasures thrift store which provides its revenue to donate goods that free to those living in the shelters. Not only do they need donations but they also would like volunteers to help with different events that the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission puts on.

If you are interested in supporting Kalamazoo Gospel Mission by making a donation or volunteering, please visit the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission Facebook page or their website at