Ross Medical Education Center Saginaw Valentines Day Covenant Hospital

Ross Medical in Saginaw Visit Hospitalized Children for Valentine’s Day

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Ross Medical Education Center Saginaw Valentines Day Covenant HospitalFor many across the nation, Valentine’s Day is when they celebrate their significant others, or even just love itself. This Valentine’s Day, the Saginaw, Michigan campus of Ross Medical Education Center wanted to show some love to members of their community that may sometimes be overlooked. Ross students worked together to make over 100 homemade cards for both senior citizens and children who were inpatients at Covenant Hospital.

There were many seniors, but many of them weren’t having visitors, so the facility asked for the students to drop off the cards and they would pass them out. Although they weren’t able to have the opportunity to pass out the cards to the seniors, the students in the morning Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration class were able to go up to the children’s floor. These students loved getting to pass out cards and stuffed animals to the kids that could have visitors.

One parent hugged Ross instructor Ms. Julie and couldn’t thank the students enough. “The parent was appreciative of our thoughtfulness, and caring spirit,” shared Ginger Rezmer, Ross Campus Director. “Several of the students said it was hard to see so many kids in isolation, but that they were thankful that they were able to go up and love the kids they could visit.” Julie Smith, the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration instructor stated, “I was in awe that the parent hugged me and showed so much emotion.”

Many of the students, staff, and faculty that were able to be a part of this event were moved by the opportunity to show some love to those that needed the boost. The students loved meeting the children that were suffering from a variety of illnesses and handing out stuffed animals. One student, Jake Beeson, shared about the experience, “it hurt my heart to see all the kids in the hospital.” However, the students noted that each of the children who they were able to visit greeted them with the biggest smiles. The facility was also very excited that the Ross staff, faculty, and students were there to see the children and bring the cards.