Ross Medical Education Center Johnson City Mountain Home VA Healthcare Center

Ross Medical in Johnson City Invites Mountain Home VA Healthcare Center to Speak to Students

michaelajoy Campus Events, Johnson City, Tennessee

Ross Medical Education Center Johnson City Mountain Home VA Healthcare CenterRecently, the Johnson City, Tennessee campus of Ross Medical Education Center invited Charles and William from the Mountain Home VA Healthcare Center to speak to their classes. Students in the Medical Assistant program and the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program were very thankful for the opportunity to hear more about Mountain Home VA Healthcare Center jobs and how to apply for positions, as well as what the facility is looking for. Both of the representatives had a lot of good advice about how to fill out the application, building resumes, and the benefits of working at the VA.

This exciting visit was facilitated by Medical Assistant Instructor Michelle Faust. She knew that it would be a very worthwhile experience to hear from this organization for her students as they prepare to enter into the workforce as healthcare professionals. They discussed the application process and the importance of filling every part of the application. This was done because they have noticed that occasionally applicants don’t realize that they forgot to check a box or fill out a line. If anything is missed, the system will automatically kick their application out. Pree Gallaher, a current student, shared about the presentation, “I was impressed with the information about all the details of applying there”

The Mountain Home VA Healthcare Center representatives then talked about how the VA was started and discussed some of the importance of their service. This organization was begun in 1865 and originated during the Civil War as first federal hospital. The importance of their services is undeniable. Every day, they provide medical care for veterans, some of which have no other form of medical care. The guest speakers also took time to cover how important it is to write a very thorough resume for government related jobs. Another student, Angelea Fenner, also was impressed, saying, “I really enjoyed their presentation, they were very nice and informative.” The students were thankful to have more information about this important healthcare resource.