Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood Spectrum Health

Ross Medical in Kentwood Hosts Spectrum Health on Campus

michaelajoy Campus Events, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood Spectrum HealthStrong partnerships with strong regional employers are a significant focus for Ross Medical Education Center in Kentwood, Michigan. One example of that is their connection with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. After a couple of Meet the Recruiter events at the downtown Grand Rapids Spectrum offices, the decision was made to change the format and to bring Spectrum Health to Ross Medical in Kentwood for the first time.

This May, a multi-functional event was delivered that included an educational component, a networking component, and the opportunity for students and graduates to meet with recruiters and to potentially complete an initial screening interview. Ryan Moliassa, Senior Recruiter in Talent Acquisition at Spectrum Health Grand Rapids worked with the Career Development staff at Ross Medical in Kentwood to plan the event that ran from 4-8pm on a Monday evening. Ryan coordinated a team of seven other Spectrum Health employees to help during the event.

Ross students were encouraged to participate in three organized stages:


Students, dressed in their professional interview outfits, mingled with the Spectrum representatives in the break area at Ross where Spectrum Health kindly provided some snacks and pizza to all in attendance. This provided a great opportunity for students to experience and practice communication with recruiters in a less formal environment. Part way through the networking session a Spectrum Health medical assistant gave a presentation on her experience working at a Spectrum Health specialty office. It provided an opportunity for the Ross students who are currently part way through their training to learn more about the potential for employment at Spectrum Health, and more importantly to meet recruiters for the different practices, regions, and specialties.

Job Posting and Web-site review

In the computer lab, students were guided through an overview of the Spectrum Health website, looking specifically at job postings and how to apply for positions. The Spectrum Health representative was able to share some essential tips that would give the students applying the best chance of being successful in the application process. Those that were ready to apply were personally guided through the application process by the recruiters.


On-site and immediate interviews were available to candidates that met the application standards that Spectrum Health was looking for. Some candidates were able to chat with the recruiters and get fast-tracked to a scheduled meeting/interview with the hiring manager.

Several recruiters were on campus to participate in module 6 mock interviews earlier the same day, so it was great to have a number of those morning Medical Assistant program students return to campus later in the day to participate in the event, alongside the afternoon and evening students. Externs came to campus to explore employment opportunities having completed their extern responsibilities during the day, and several graduates came specifically to interact with the recruiters.

As is now the expectation, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the Ross students and graduates, their professional presentation, and their preparedness for the field! The event definitely strengthened relations between Ross Medical and Spectrum Health, and although the final numbers are not in, there were Ross students hired, and there were others identified for future hiring upon completion of their study. It was a great event which was beneficial to all that participated.