Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood School Supply Santa Drive

Ross Medical in Kentwood Joins 3rd Annual School Supply Santa Drive

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Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood School Supply Santa DriveRoss Medical Education Center’s Kentwood, Michigan campus held its Third Annual School Supply Santa Drive this past August. In preparation for the new school year to begin, they began collecting items at the beginning weeks of the month of August. In that time, they were able to collect over 1500 items to contribute to the drive, combining their efforts to include supplies donated by the local corporate Ross team.

School Supply Santa started in 2007 when a need was discovered while having a conversation with a teacher in a local elementary school. She was sharing about children that experience hardship struggling to obtain the necessary supplies for them to grow and learn and start the school year. The founder of School Supply Santa, Denise Kooiker, had a determined purpose and passion to help children in the local West Michigan communities. Their mission: “Our prayer for each of these children being served is for them to know they are cared for, loved and not forgotten.” According to their website, this organization “serves 7 school districts, over 35 schools, over 500 classrooms, and over 1000s of students!”

Ross Medical Education Center Kentwood School Supply Santa DriveStudents and staff of Ross Medical Education Center in Kentwood were excited to help the local organization and the kids of the community. There was even a friendly competition between the morning Medical Assistant classes to see who could raise the most items. They each brought in 490 items and tied, but both classes were just happy to have collected so many important supplies for local children. In fact, when asked who really wins from the competition, both classes replied enthusiastically, “the kids!”

After all of the combined efforts from the community and the generous people in it, this year’s results were an amazing 893 backpacks and over 18,240 school supplies that were given to local Kent County schools, benefiting kids of the local community. Ross is proud to be among those supporting education, students, and families in Kent County.