Ross Medical Education Center Kokomo Makes Hospice Gowns

Ross Medical in Kokomo Makes Gowns for Hospice Patients

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Ross Medical Education Center Kokomo Makes Hospice GownsOn Saturday, January 20, 2018 there was a local volunteer event to create hospice gowns for patients that the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Kokomo, Indiana decided to participate in. It was held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Kokomo, Indiana. The group coordinator, Deb, has had this event four times in the past. Each year, she asks for the community to come together to make hospital gowns for hospice patients. Because of this great event, every hospice patient gets two gowns and two pillow cases.

During the event, people are asked to bring their sewing machines, scissors, irons, and their talent to help with the event. This year, there were approximately 50 people there to join in the fun. The campus team met with the other volunteers on Saturday morning for a short tutorial and any updates from previous events. “Deb has it down to a science on how we all work together to create these special gowns,” said Campus Director Shannon Spencer. “There are many little departments that volunteers can work in such as sewists, runners, ironers, inspection and packaging.”

Ross Medical Education Center Kokomo Makes Hospice GownsWhile the gown travels through each department, every person that worked on that gown gets to sign the index card attached to it so that the patient knows who helped to make their gown. After a gown has completed all areas and it is inspected and packaged, the inspectors ring a bell to let the volunteers know that a gown is complete. All of the volunteers cheer when that happens, and they are inspired to work faster to get the next one completed.

“My mother and I joined in the fun this past Saturday for our first time and we will for sure be back for more!” shared Shannon Spencer. “I really enjoyed spending that time with my mother, meeting fellow sewists, and helping our community to make a difference.” There were 160 gowns made on that Saturday and the past event had 125 gowns made so they surpassed their goal!

For more information on this organization, go to Volunteer in your community, it opens paths, friendships and really makes a difference in someone’s life.