Ross Medical Education Center Lafayette Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Ross Medical in Lafayette Forms the Lafayette Kindness Club

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Ross Medical Education Center Lafayette Throw Kindness Like ConfettiAlways looking for ways to help out in their community, the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Lafayette, Indiana dedicated themselves this summer to a unique brand of summer fun. Thinking outside of the box of ways they can help other than hosting drives or volunteering, they came up with a new program for their campus. They call it “Throw Kindness Like Confetti” and gave each student, staff member, and instructor the opportunity to join the Lafayette Kindness Club.

The entire campus was very enthusiastic to be a part of this new initiative with their classmates, instructors, and staff. Lafayette’s Assistant Campus Director of Education, Monique Garcia, challenged each and every student in all of the classrooms to participate. All they had to do to join was to complete a Random Act of Kindness out in their community! At that little bit of inspiration, students came up with a myriad of creative ways to give kindness to others in their community.

Many students were able to brighten days without breaking the bank. The campus was soon overwhelmed with Random Act of Kindness stories from students. Some of the students did things like buying a meal for the next person in the drive thru at McDonald’s, mowing a neighbor’s lawn, tipping a waitress an extra amount, pumping gas for the elderly person next to them, and many more. Lauren Johnson, student in the evening Medical Assistant class worked to crochet scarves for local high school students that couldn’t afford warm clothes, and she also got to work crocheting hats for patients at the Lafayette Cancer Center. Another Medical Assistant student, Arsenio Benion, pumped gas for an elderly man. Then, he watched that man wait for the next customer and then pump his gas.

“It was clear throughout the summer that kindness really is contagious,” said Tim Hula, Lafayette Campus Director. “Things like this can only brighten someone’s day. We saw it happen!” The campus as a whole is so thankful to Monique Garcia for coming up with this neat idea. The Lafayette campus believes that kindness comes full circle and wants to challenge you to join the Kindness Club and brighten someone’s day in your community today!