Ross Medical Education Center Two Men and a Truck Movers for Meals

Ross Medical in Lansing Joins Movers for Meals Drive

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Ross Medical Education Center Two Men and a Truck Movers for MealsThis fall, Ross Medical Education Center of Lansing, Michigan participated in Two Men and a Truck’s Movers for Meals Drive. When Alexandra Ennest of Two Men and a Truck contacted Lansing Campus Director Michelle Rodesiler asking if the campus would be willing to participate in a food drive for the Greater Lansing Food Bank, Michelle realized this would be a perfect opportunity for staff and students alike to give back to their community – just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

According to the Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Website, winter can be a particularly challenging time for those who struggle financially. “Heat or eat?” is a question food insecure Mid-Michigan families ask themselves during the winter. As the temperatures get colder, it costs more to heat homes. Family members also need warmer clothes. Because of these factors and others, winter can understandably be a difficult time. Also, elderly community members with fixed incomes may find their monthly budgets strained by the additional costs of heating. This situation forces people to make tough decisions between buying winter clothes, paying for heat, and picking up groceries.

In addition to the everyday expenses facing families, there are also what may seem to be minor financial setbacks that create emergencies for those facing food insecurity. Needing unexpected car repairs or medical care can dramatically impact a family. “Because of this, we want to take food out of the equation,” says the Greater Lansing Food Bank’s website. “We want Dad to be able to take his daughter to urgent care when she comes down with the bug going around school. We want Mom to replace the car battery that died in the cold, so that she can get to work to afford jackets for her children. And we certainly want our seniors to live in dignity.”

Students and staff members of Ross’ Lansing campus generously provided a variety of canned and boxed foods – even baby formula – that will help feed many local families throughout the harsh Michigan winter. Dayonna Brooks, a current student in the Lansing Medical Assistant program, summed up her feelings in one sentence, “glad that our school could make an impact!”

Two Men and a Truck’s Website shared this: “The purpose of the Movers for Meals program is to recognize and support the thousands of people across Michigan relying on the Food Bank Council of Michigan for food assistance each year.” To that end, they set a high goal for this year’s drive – a whopping 3,000 pounds of food! When the drive ended, Alexandra Ennest of Two Men and a Truck was pleased to announce: “We were able to deliver 2,500 pounds of food this year! We weren’t able to reach our goal, but that is still almost 1,000 pounds more than last year!”

If you or anyone you know needs assistance or to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of others by donating to the Greater Lansing Food Bank, call 517-98-3680 or visit their website at