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Ross Medical in Lansing Supports EVE’s House

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Ross Medical Education Center Lansing EVEs HouseRecently, students, and faculty of Ross Medical Education Center of Lansing, Michigan welcomed Amy Liston and Elizabeth Panek of EVE’s House, a local abuse shelter, to their campus. Amy is the Non-Residential Advocate for the organization and assists victims under the age of 50, while Liz is the All Services Coordinator, specializing in elder abuse. One main thing separates EVE’s House from other shelters – they accept victims who are fleeing domestic abuse. Most shelters will not take in those fleeing from (or survivors of) domestic abuse.

According to their website, Eve’s house is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1977 and originally known as the “Council Against Domestic Assault.” It further states: “CADA began with a group of concerned community members who wanted to help support their family, friends and neighbors. The Council Against Domestic Assault grew to include Lansing’s first domestic violence shelter and supportive services for survivors and their children. In recent years, CADA changed its name to EVE (End Violent Encounters) to reflect EVE’s comprehensive services to survivors. In October of 2015, EVE included counseling and advocacy services for survivors of sexual violence.”

EVE’s House provides crucial services to victims, including assistance with housing, legal issues, parenting, food care resources, daycare, job skills and health and safety issues. They also offer victims a 24/7 crisis line at 517-352-5572. Because all programs and services are free, EVE’s House relies on support from community volunteers, donations, and area businesses.

Ross Medical Education Center Lansing EVEs HouseAs Amy and Elizabeth explained, many believe the myth that victims will not leave their abusers. In reality, most want to leave, but realize fleeing the situation can actually put them at a higher risk of danger as the abuser senses he is losing control. Therefore, a victim leaves her abuser an average of seven times before staying away. EVE offers program assistance throughout the process, ranging from sexual assault counseling to a six-week financial training program through Michigan State University Federal Credit Union that helps victims build and repair their credit. One less-known resource, the Red Rover Pet Grant, allows housing of victims’ pets for those who face the difficult decision of leaving behind their beloved furry friends while fleeing an abusive situation.

Students from Ross Lansing received handouts from Amy and Elizabeth that will help them identify abuse as they embark on careers in the medical field. They were encouraged to be ever mindful of abuse within the community and what they can do on and off the job to help victims find proper assistance. Shelby Gould, instructor for the Lansing Medical Assistant program, shared her thoughts regarding the presentation, “The EVE’s House presentation was very informative and proves beneficial in our community. Thank you!”

In the month following the presentation, staff and students collected donations of personal care products in an effort to help the residents of EVE’s House feel good about themselves. The drive, which ended on June 30th, wrapped up with a celebratory “Diva Day” on Tuesday, June 27th. A raffle was held and Dental Assistant program student Autumn Garvison and Chelsea Hester of the Medical Assistant program won “Diva Baskets” filled with products every diva needs. Ke’Anne Morrell-Taylor, Corinne Buchanan, and Chelsea Hester won facial mask products.

Items collected for the residents of EVE’s House ranged from nail polish to jewelry, and lotions to perfumes! The students and staff of Ross Medical Education Center in Lansing were eager to pitch in and help the women living at EVE’s House feel like divas.

For more information on EVE’s House of Lansing, please call 517-372-3382 or visit their website at