Ross Medical Education Center Madison Heights Gleaners Food Bank

Ross Medical in Madison Heights Joins Gleaners to End Hunger

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Ross Medical Education Center Madison Heights Gleaners Food BankDuring the month of May, the staff, faculty, students, and family members of the Ross Medical Education Center campus in Madison Heights, Michigan volunteered at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan. The facility is located in Warren, Michigan. Prior to volunteering on, the campus collected canned and nonperishable food items. As a result of the collection, the campus was able to donate a large box of food items to Gleaners. Volunteers then helped with the packing of pallets of individual 30 lb boxes. When all was finished, the campus had packed 1,584 pounds of food that will help change the lives of 1,342 of their neighbors in need! Volunteers also helped prepare the plastic bags for the post office so the bags could be passed out by mail carriers and collected during the annual food drive that takes place in May.

Financial Aid Student Support Representative Seirra Hollins said, “the facility was clean and organized. The staff was helpful and direct in appointing assignments and sharing clear instructions. My family participates with organizations in efforts to gain understanding of culture, economics, and history. We like to volunteer with organizations that are committed to servicing a greater need. Volunteerism is not an obligation, it’s a commitment to sacrifice for a greater effort through service. This experience was a chance for us to work together as team to set goals, communicate, and discuss topics more concrete than social media. We left satisfied and humbled, just as every other opportunity.” When asked if she would do it again, Seirra responded, “of course, no second thought. I was able to bring my nephews to the event and allow them to use their creativity and communication skills beyond texting. It was a joy and we went the following week and made a commitment to clean around a local neighborhood that lacked resources and helpful hands.”

Ross Medical Education Center Madison Heights Gleaners Food BankCareer Services Student Support Representative Julianne Bastien said of the experience, “it is a good way to ease younger kids into the idea of helping others. It takes away the fear of the unknown or the idea of coming face to face with those in need and not knowing how to act or what to say. It teaches them that there are so many ways to get involved and how little is needed to get so much done.” When asked if she would do it again Julianne stated, “yes, it was a fun and worthwhile activity. Personally I gained a sense of accomplishment at taking a small group to pack so many boxes that will help so many families.”

Gleaners was so appreciative that Ross took the time to make a direct contribution to their mission to nourish their communities by feeding hungry people. Ross has had a long-term partnership with Gleaners Food Bank and continues to partner with them annually.In the meantime, they are also looking forward to more volunteering and collection efforts to help assist them in ending hunger in the community. It was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun!