Ross Medical Education Center Morgantown Hosts Dr Matt Koepke

Ross Medical in Morgantown Invites Dr. Koepke to Campus

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Ross Medical Education Center Morgantown Hosts Dr Matt KoepkeEarlier this month, the Dental Assistant class at Ross Medical Education Center’s Morgantown, West Virginia campus hosted guest speaker, Dr. Matt Koepke. Dr. Koepke, author and active Ross Advisory Board member, enhanced the module four lecture with his insight into the topic of ethics in the medical profession. His book, Ethics Under the Knife: Patient Care and Disservice in the Medical Industry, addresses what he believes are deficiencies in the ethical treatment of and around patients. The Ross Dental Assistant students were impressed by Dr. Koepke’s wealth of knowledge and his passion for the subject matter.

“The timing of his presentation was perfect, as the current Dental Assistant module focuses on the topic of ethical behavior, and Dr. Koepke is prolific on the subject,” said Dorie Alger, Campus Director. The Dental Assistant students that had the privilege of listening to his presentation were very engaged and interested, recognizing the importance of the information on their future careers. A recent article published by Katie Reed, blogger for “It’s a Mother Thing,” summarized the importance of ethical behavior in the workforce. Ms. Reed wrote that, when a work environment is toxic and individuals are stressed out all the time, bad behavior will ensue. In addition, if leaders are setting a bad example, the bad behavior will continue, unchecked, as it is a seemingly approved attitude or activity.

In addition to his presentations on ethics, Dr. Koepke regularly posts topical videos on YouTube. Dr. Koepke’s informative YouTube videos include discussions on IV sedation, dental imaging, sinus precautions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and dental nerve anatomy. Many of the short videos have proven to be quite relevant to the students moving through the Dental Assistant program curriculum. Due to this, they have been wonderful supplements for the class to use or for students to view independently that are interested in continuing education. The campus looks forward to inviting Dr. Koepke back to speak again soon.