Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Richland Public Health Speaker

Ross Medical in Ontario Welcomes Richland Public Health

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Ross Medical Education Center Ontario Richland Public Health SpeakerThis spring during National Public Health Week, the Ross Medical Education Center Ontario, Ohio campus welcomed Richland Public Health from the Richland County Health Department to campus. Their guest speaker was Reed Richmond. During his time, he presented a wonderful overview of the importance of public health and services that Richland Public Health provides to the community.

Mr. Richmond took many questions from students and he also discussed a variety of changes recently made in public health as well as the baby boxes that Richland County just implemented for all newborns born in the county. Baby boxes were a program that began in Finland as a way to help lower the infant mortality rate due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). He also presented a timeline of how things have changed from the inception of the department to modern times. He discussed vaccinations and events from the influenza epidemic in the early years to the drug crisis that seems to currently be gripping many communities across the nation.

According to their website, “the goal of Richland Public Health is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, promote preventative health care and healthy behaviors, and protect against injuries and environmental hazards.” For over 100 years, the Richland Public Health has been providing innovative solutions to community health issues, forming partnerships with like-minded organizations, and working to educate community members on health issues.

“Ontario is proud to have Richland Health as an affiliate for externship and we look forward to having Mr. Reed Richmond on campus again,” said Erin Slusher, Financial Aid Student Services Representative. “It was a good presentation for the students to hear, especially during national public health week. Reed spoke with students about all the programs that are available through Richland County Public Health and emphasized that there are many programs available that area residents do not know are available to those who can benefit from them most.”