Ross Medical Education Center-Owensboro Crossroads to Hope Homeless Shelter

Ross Medical in Owensboro Collects Needed Items for Crossroads Shelter

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Ross Medical Education Center-Owensboro Crossroads to Hope Homeless ShelterLike each of the campuses, the staff, faculty, and students of Ross Medical Education Center campus in Owensboro, Kentucky have made it their mission to stay heavily involved in their community. Campus Director LaTasha Shemwell stated, “when I heard that Crossroads to Hope Homeless Shelter needed hygiene products, I knew I wanted my Campus to come together and help.” So help is exactly what they did.

Crossroads to Hope Shelter for Women and Children is fairly new to the Owensboro Area. After starting out as a soup kitchen, the need for more was quickly very apparent. Crossroads Director Michelle Ison stated, “I was constantly running into women that had nowhere to go. When God places something on your heart, you cannot run from it. It took me several years but, I was able to start a shelter for women and children.”

After originally opening a soup kitchen, Michelle began to recognize the growing need for a shelter at Crossroads. To fill that need, she responded with one. However, she and her team are now desperately seeking volunteers to take different shifts at the shelter. If unable to volunteer, she suggests that some other ways to give could be to donate needed items. “Crossroads Homeless Shelter offers a safe environment for Women and Children in need,” shared Campus Director LaTasha Shemwell. “The least we could do was help with this worthy cause.”

To make good on her desire to help, LaTasha quickly went online and found the list of hygiene and other items needed such as deodorant, baby wipes, dish soap, band-aids, paper towels, blankets, foam cups, plates, and bowls. She then shared her vision with the Owensboro students, faculty, and staff. In response, the campus quickly came together and was able to collect over 150 hygiene items needed in less than two weeks’ time. At the end of the drive, LaTasha Shemwell was thrilled to pass along the items, saying, “I am truly proud of my team for going above and beyond my expectations.”