Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro Habitat for Humanity

Ross Medical in Owensboro Gives Bottled Water to Habitat for Humanity

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Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro Habitat for HumanityRoss Medical Education Center in Owensboro, Kentucky recently participated in a bottled water drive for Habitat for Humanity. Campus Director LaTasha Shemwell stated, “my campus collectively wanted to give back to those who work in the outside heat all day. When I heard the need that Habitat for Humanity had, we quickly jumped at the chance to help. For the last two weeks in June, we decided to do a bottle water drive. We collectively were able to donate 318 bottles of water.”

Many of the staff, faculty, and students were thrilled to be a part of supporting this incredible organization as they make a difference in the community. Collecting bottles of water was an easy but very meaningful way to show their support and help out in a way that isn’t always considered. Instructor Linda Stone stated, “I am so excited to be helping our local Habitat for Humanity. They work so hard to change lives in our community. They also work for free, purely out of the kindness of their own hearts!”

Executive Director Virginia for the Owensboro Habitat for Humanity shared, “we generally have 10-12 volunteers during the summer and most of them are retired and over 70 years of age. Water is such a necessity as we go through at least 30 to 40 bottles daily.” Virginia went on to say, “the little eight ounce bottles are also accepted and more convenient for our volunteers. If anyone would like to donate water our office is located at 1702 Mosely Street. We are open 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday.” The office is always collecting bottled water to have on hand to offer to their volunteers and make sure that everyone stays healthy and hydrated while serving their community. If you are interested in finding out other ways you can help, visit the Owensboro/Daviess County Habitat for Humanity website.