Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro Dental Assistant Student Bailey Love Saves Life

Ross Medical Student in Owensboro Helps Driver Out of River

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Ross Medical Education Center Owensboro Dental Assistant Student Bailey Love Saves LifeAt Ross, we work hard to prepare our students for careers in the healthcare field and a lifestyle of service to their community. However, no matter how hard we try, it is ultimately up to the student to put themselves in a place to help others. Sometimes it happens at the least likely time, and we really see what a student is made of as they have to make a decision in a split second to set themselves aside and spring into action helping those around them in need.

Just this is last weekend, Bailey Love a student in the Dental Assistant program at Ross Medical Education Center in Owensboro, Kentucky became a hometown hero. After dark on Saturday evening, Bailey was getting off of work after a long week of class and working. She was heading out of work at around 9:30 pm and had just gotten into her car in the parking lot. She was tired, but instead of just starting the car and heading straight home, she felt like she should do something slightly different she says, “when I get off work I normally just leave but something told me to sit in my car for a moment.”

It was fortunate that she decided to follow that feeling. As Bailey sat in her car, she noticed a truck speeding down Main Street at around 65 miles per hour. This is far surpassing the legal speed limit on the road of 35 miles per hour. She was thankful that she wasn’t in front of the speeding driver. Then, she watched the driver of the truck lose control. That’s when she knew something was very wrong.

The truck, still speeding, plowed through the guardrail and flew directly into the Green River. Without hesitation, Bailey jumped out of her car and quickly ran towards the river. As she approached, she heard a man’s voice calling out for help, and she saw the driver trying to swim to the embankment. He was unable to make it out of the water himself as he was struggling with the mud and his own intoxication.

Afraid he wouldn’t be able to make it out himself and that he may lose consciousness, Bailey quickly made her way down the bank and into the river to help him get to dry ground and safety. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and were able to treat the man before the police came and discovered that his blood alcohol content was three times over the legal limit.

If Bailey would not have been there, this may have been a very different story and this man may have lost his life. We are so proud of Bailey and each of our students that respond quickly in their communities to emergencies and needs that they see around them. The healthcare community in Owensboro will be greatly benefited by future healthcare professionals like Bailey and the responsibility and level-headedness they bring to the field.

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