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Ross Medical Students in Port Huron Prep for Mock Interviews With Local Human Resources Director

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Ross Medical Education Center Port Huron Community First Health Center Human ResourcesThis November, Ross Medical Education Center in Port Huron, Michigan invited Christi Romero, Human Resource Director for Community First Health Centers, to speak to their students. Students from both the Medical Assistant program and Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program were able to learn from Christi. She spent time reviewing the expectation for resumes from a Human Resource perspective and discussed how important keywords are to the electronic submission of a resume.

These “keywords” can push your resume to the top of the stack. It is important to make an impression on the organization. Christi said this can be accomplished by having a professional email address and phone message. She recommended answering calls in a polite and professional manner. Christi will ask her candidates over the phone why they’ve applied to her site and asks specific questions to uncover any research the candidate may have done about her company. She admits that most candidates don’t realize that the first phone contact is an actual interview. If they make it past this process, they will then have a face-to-face interview. The on-site interview should also be taken seriously. This is the candidate’s chance to get in front of a representative of the company and leave a lasting impression.

Business casual to business professional dress is the most appropriate attire to make a great impression. Christi suggested the students prepare for their interviews by prepping early, “drive to the site a few days prior to the interview at the same time you would be driving to your interview. Is traffic heavy? Should you have left earlier? Preparing in advance will assure you are not late for your interview. Set out your interview attire and make sure it is cleaned and pressed for the next day. Good hygiene is important, such as, brushing your teeth, hair clean and in a simple style, no gum chewing, no clunky jewelry, don’t eat or drink before your interview to keep clothes clean, and do not smoke.” She reminded students that facilities are non-smoking. Christi called all of the things you shouldn’t do “detractors.” She encouraged students to avoid detractors at all costs. “You want the interviewer to pay attention to you and your qualifications.”

Christi wrapped up by adding that it is very important to close your interview. She told students to ask the interviewer what the process is after the interview before thanking them for their time and following up with a thank you note or letter. The students Christi spoke to were preparing for their mock interview proficiency. The tips given will serve the students well as they prepare to begin their healthcare careers.