Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Nikolas Yonker Helps in Emergency

Ross Student in Grand Rapids Puts Medical Assistant Training to Practice

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Ross Medical Education Center Grand Rapids Nikolas Yonker Helps in EmergencyEvery student at Ross Medical Education Center has a desire to help people and that’s why they have chosen to pursue a career in healthcare. However, for many of them, the concept of saving a life or being a first responder is more of an idea than a reality. However, for one student in the Medical Assistant program in Kentwood, Michigan (Grand Rapids area) that situation was recently made very real.

That student is Nikolas Yonker and he found himself in the position to use the training he was learning in class to impact those in need. Nikolas was just going about his Thursday, running a few errands in Jenison when suddenly he saw a flash of yellow and then a lot of flying snow. He immediately knew they would need help and he pulled straight up to the site of the accident. Adrenaline pumping through his veins, he flipped his own hazards on, jumped out of the car, and went towards the wreckage of the upside down car.

Although this situation was a first for him, he knew that it was important to carefully assess the scene and do what he could to get help and keep others safe. He could hear a woman frantically crying in the car and saw another figure inside. He knocked on the window and introduced himself to the young man and woman inside the vehicle. He then reassured them that he was there to help. Thankful for the help, the young woman unlocked the doors and Nikolas was able to help the driver get freed from the car and able to crawl out. He was shaken but unhurt.

Then Nikolas turned his attention to the woman in the passenger seat. She was wearing her seat belt and hanging upside down with her head immobilized between the headrest and the ceiling of the car. Nikolas let her know not to move her back or neck if possible as he was unsure about any breaks. While they waited for help, Nikolas continued to monitor her vitals and asked her to wiggle her fingers and toes. When he saw that she was able to do this, he was relieved and focused all of his attention on the bleeding that was coming from her abdomen. He grabbed his lab coat, folded it up, and used it as a barrier to apply pressure to the area. Soon after, the EMTs arrived on the scene and took over. Nikolas was thankful that they were there and that everyone seemed to be okay. He went to the ambulance to check on the man that had been driving the vehicle.

Nikolas shared about the experience, “The feeling of being able to assess a situation, take vitals, and provide limited, yet effective first aid was one for which I am short of words. I was confident through the entire half hour because of what I had seen demonstrated, and what I had performed in class every Monday through Thursday. I am extremely grateful to Ross Medical Education Center for helping me become a better skilled medical professional so that I can make a positive difference in the world.”

The staff and faculty at Ross Medical Education Center in Kentwood couldn’t be more proud! “We are so proud of our Nikolas Yonker and all of our Ross students who are demonstrating compassion, care, integrity and passion for medical field,” said Amira Curic, Assistant Campus Director of Education. “Thank you all for being part of Ross Family and letting our wonderful instructors share their knowledge with you!”