Ross Students Receive MACCS Awards

ross Campus Events, Davison, Madison Heights

The Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (MACCS) recently named four Ross Medical Education Center students as recipients of the 2012 Outstanding Student Awards.

In April, the Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (MACCS) held its annual in-service meeting and recognized several outstanding students who had been nominated by their faculty members. Each student received a plaque and joined MACCS members for a luncheon following the awards.

Medical Assisting students Ginger Baier, Carmen Reno and Jodi Tucker were nominated from the Davison campus. Ginger is a recent grad and is currently working in the field. Carmen was also quickly hired from the office where she was serving her externship. Jodi is still at Ross and working toward her certifcate. Claire Warde, a MIBOA student from the Madison Heights campus was also nominated. Warde recently returned to school after 22 years to further her education.

All of these nominees exemplify what it takes to be successful: a positive attitude and the desire to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Ross congratulates Ginger, Carmen, Jodi and Claire, and all of its hardworking and dedicated students!