Ross Taylor staff organize coloring books and crayons

Ross in Taylor Hosts Children’s Hospital Coloring Book & Crayon Drive

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Ross Taylor students organize coloring books and crayonsDuring the month of February, the staff and students at the Taylor, Michigan’s Ross Medical Education Center Campus collected coloring books and crayons for the small patients at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. They were delivered to the Foundation Office where staff representatives, Cari and Elizabeth, warmly accepted the contribution. The coloring books and crayons will be used for many different purposes including their upcoming Spring baskets and that they would also be broken down into activity packets to be distributed to children in several departments of Children’s Hospital – the ER, the Admissions Office, and to help occupy children who are waiting for a procedure to begin. In his thank you letter to Ross, President and CEO of Children’s Hospital, Tony Werner stated “Your thoughtfulness and generosity will help brighten the lives of pediatric patients in our community who face seemingly insurmountable chal lenges. Because of you, children and their families are able to bravely face the future with brightened smiles and lightened hearts.”

According to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s website, “Since 1886, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to children and adolescents in a caring, efficient and family-centered environment. This 228-bed facility has an international reputation in pediatric medicine, surgery and research, training more pediatricians than any other facility in Michigan”.

Staff representatives stated that the Children’s Hospital of Michigan goes through 2,000 activity packs on average per month! Due to the necessary quantity of crayons and coloring books the hospital uses, another donation drive is being planned in the near future.

For more information on the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and other ways to help, please go to their website at