Ross Medical Education Center Saginaw Recycling

Saginaw is Friendly to New Students and Environment

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Ross Medical Education Center Saginaw RecyclingThe students, staff, and faculty at Ross Medical Education Center campus in Saginaw are always looking for ways to support one another and their community. Sarah Deford, Office Assistant, said of her campus, “pride is an emotion I feel when I think of Ross Saginaw campus. Throughout the years that I have worked here, I have seen some pretty amazing acts of kindness. The students offer support to each other and band together in times of need. Not only do they help each other academically, but personally as well.” She shared that she has witnessed current student strike up conversation with prospective students and share with them about what Ross has done in their lives. They have also gone out of their way to encourage and support new students that are struggling and overwhelmed.

For a recent class start, Pattie Ann Robinson, a Medical Assistant student, took it upon herself to introduce herself to the new students and personally walk them to class. Starting school can be very intimidating especially as some students have been out of school for a while. They are starting a journey to a second career and they are unsure and have many questions. Soon after she had started escorting the new students to their class, several other students joined her for the new student welcoming committee. Although the administrative staff has always done that with a smile, it meant so much to the new students to have a peer reach out and help with those first day jitters. The staff and faculty is so proud of the way that their students work hard to make others feel welcome.

In addition to supporting their fellow students, various Medical Assistant students recently asked if the Saginaw campus could begin recycling paper, in order to avoid throwing paper in the trash. Campus Director Frank Skinner found a local recycling center. “It really wasn’t too difficult; it just took a few phone calls and we had a local recycling center that would accept our paper for free,” said Skinner. He added, “it makes us feel good to know that when a student asked for us to look into something, we could show them a positive result so quickly.” Recycling bins are set out throughout the campus for paper products, and the campus staff delivers them once a week to the recycling center.